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Phoenix Body Worn Cameras  
The Phoenix Police Department’s implementation and evaluation of body-worn cameras saw a 44.4% reduction in citizen complaints. In addition, they also saw an increased mean number of arrests per day and a decline in resisting arrest with force.

(Image source: AZCentral.com article on body worn camera use in Arizona.)


LAPD 2014-2015 Crime and Initiatives Report

The Los Angeles Police Department has released their year end "Snap Shot", 2014-2015 Crime & Initiatives.  The report describes LAPD's plans to combat street-level violence using advanced forecasting and analysis tools as part of the Phase VI cohort of SPI sites.

The report also describes other LAPD initiatives, including domestic violence prevention, technology implementation, and an emphasis on police training opportunities.

You can access the complete report here


Brooklyn Park, MN Police Department  

The Brooklyn Park, MN SPI was featured in a local news report describing the launch of their intervention. Brooklyn Park Police Department will be focusing on micro-hotspots for their SPI, as part of an initiative called Assets Coming Together to Take Action, otherwise known as ACT.

More information can be found in the article and associated news clip.



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