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BJA and COPS Release Guide

The Bureau of Justice Assistance and Office of Community Oriented Policing Services have released a "Resource Guide for Enhancing Community Relationships and Protecting Privacy and Constitutional Rights".

This document can be accessed by clicking the image above, and a news release about the guide can be viewed here.


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Evans County Sheriff's Office  
The Evans County Sheriff’s Office Prolific Offender Program, a collaborative group among the Sheriff’s Office, Police Departments, Tri-Circuit Drug Task force, Parole, Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation and the Department of corrections facilities in Evans County, has provided case study after case study of crime intervention and interruption through a pragmatic system wide approach of pooling all resources and sharing information.


Pharr, TX False Alarms Reduction  
The Pharr Police Department False-Alarm Project provided citizens with door-hangers with tips on how to avoid false alarms and on how they are financially costly in terms of taking police away from real crime. The west side of Pharr saw a 16% reduction in false alarms, while the east side saw a 27% reduction in false alarms from the previous year. This saved the police department $18,700 and freed up 650 police department hours.


Phoenix Body Worn Cameras  
The Phoenix Police Department’s implementation and evaluation of body-worn cameras saw a 44.4% reduction in citizen complaints. In addition, they also saw an increased mean number of arrests per day and a decline in resisting arrest with force.

(Image source: AZCentral.com article on body worn camera use in Arizona.)



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