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The second phase of the Philadelphia Smart Policing project aims to create organizational change in the Philadelphia Police Department.  This phase will build upon the lessons learned from the first phase in order to implement individual crime strategies with a comprehensive effort to address violent crime.  The SPI team will train Analysis Coordinators to increase analytical capacity in the department as well as perform crime audits.



Philadelphia Police's new focus is on foot beats, problem-solving, and targeting known criminals.   


Project Plan

View an overview of the second Philadelphia project plan.

Recent News and Events

  • October 2013 - The Philadelphia Police Department and City of Philladelphia hosted the 2013 International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference.  As part of the Host Department Track, Dr. Jerry Ratcliffe and Dr. Ellizabeth Groff of Temple University described the Philadelphia SPI, including its roots in the Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment.  Drs. Ratcliffe and Groff discussed the results from the Philadelphia SPI, as well as next steps and sustainability of evidence-based practices in the Philadelphia PD.

  • July 2013 - A July 24, 2013 article posted by Tom Ferrick on, "Research fuels drop in crime in Philly", discusses the Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment and its impacts on crime rates and policing strategies in the police department.  The article describes the increasing importance of evidence-based practices and research partnerships in policing and credits the Philadelphia Police Department for its dedication to these practices.  Read the full article here.

  • April 2013An April 5, 2013, article posted by David Gambacorta on, “Philadelphia’s homicide tally shows dramatic drop,” discusses the decrease in Philadelphia's homicides, shootings, and violent crimes as compared to the same period last year. Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey credits the Smart Policing strategies that have been developed during the last few years with the help of Temple University criminologist Jerry Ratcliffe and others. Read the full article.
  • September 2012 - The Philadelphia SPI team published a summary of their SPI results. 
  • June 2012Philly police will test attaching video cameras to cops
  • Philadelphia Police Department is a leader in social media integration in law enforcment.
  • The Philadelphia Daily News showcased a summary of the Philadelphia SPI in late August. The article summarizes the primary objectives and implementation strategies of the project and highlights some successful outcomes of actions taken to-date. 
  • Philly PD is earning national recognition for embracing Twitter.
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Multimedia and Videos

Nola Joyce - Philadelphia Police Department 

Ms. Joyce provides a program overview.


Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel - Philadelphia Police Department

Commissioner Bethel provides a SPI program update at the September 2011 SPI National Meeting in Alexandria, VA.



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