Strategies for Measuring Organizational Change Webinar (October 2013)

The Smart Policing Initiative presented webinar on "Strategies for Measuring Organizational Change" on October 23, 2013 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Eastern Time.  Brenda J. Bond, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Public Service in the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University, and SPI Subject Matter Expert, facilitated this webinar. Law enforcement practitioners frequently change organizational policies and practices to address new and emerging public safety needs.  How do we know if these changes produce the desired results?  What should we be measuring and what should we do with the results of this tracking? This webinar is designed to introduce participants to a variety of strategies for tracking and measuring organizational change.  The webinar presents the benefits of measuring change, and offer a number of specific tools to measure change.  Examples from the field and national case studies are introduced to highlight the various ways to engage in and measure the process and outcomes of organizational change.

A copy of the slide presentation for this webinar can be downloaded in pdf format here.

Recommended Reading

In order to maximize learning, we provide recommended reading for participants to undertake before the webinar presentation.  By reading the recommended materials, participants will come to the webinar presentation with a basic understanding of the issues, prepared with questions, and ready to make the most of the learning environment.

Prior to this webinar on organizational change, we recommend reviewing the following article:

You may also wish to review Brenda Bond's previous webinar focused on Facilitating Organizational Change, which you can watch on the SPI website here.